Life is short and every moment you spend waiting for it to get better, is a moment lost forever.

However, in life we don’t just get second chances,

We get a new chance every second.

I help people who’ve forgotten who they really are, to reclaim their sense of self worth and to identify, nurture and strengthen their core abilities.

Are you feeling lost, hopeless, overwhelmed, experiencing difficulty with your career or relationships or having trouble accessing a sense of purpose?

My specialty is helping my clients come into alignment with their strengths and abilities. This provides a firm platform from which to access your true potential more fully and allows for finding more power, clarity and direction in your life.

I have experienced first hand what it’s like to feel hopeless and trapped in difficult situations and life circumstances for which there seem to be no solutions. I use my skillset and hard-won insights to help my clients break free and create a new way of living. The goal is to help you come into alignment with your authentic sense of personal power. There’s few things more fulfilling than discovering the freedom of choice that comes with intentional living!

Life is short, so don’t hesitate to begin your own journey of transformation by choosing an available slot in my calendar for a meaningful, no obligation conversation with me. Just click on the lets talk button above and lets connect!

    positive review  Richard is one of the most amazing, inspiring people and have worked with him for years as my coach.. I have many issues that come up from my past that I have to deal with... Richard was a key to my new life, to my new way of looking at my future to changing my own thoughts and taking charge.... he is always there for me to brain storm and put me back on track it is so inspiring.. I have changed my life and thought around. I could have never done it without Richard and his guidance. I highly recommend his coaching course. If you are brave enough to change for the better I highly recommend contacting Richard..

    Antoinette Van Niekerk Avatar Antoinette Van Niekerk
    November 16, 2019

    positive review  I had 8 great sessions with Richard and he helped me to work out my goals based on my strengths and in the process he helped me realize how much potential i had. By talking about concepts such as Listening, Gratitude, Needs, Certainty, Confidence, Clarity, Purpose e.t.c he helped me understand my working environment better. Richard is an amazing life coach, he is very confident and professional and he truly helped me to move my life forward. We started off as strangers and learned a lot from each other in the process.

    Keith Runken Chisalayi Avatar Keith Runken Chisalayi
    September 19, 2020

    positive review  Richard Van Der Spuy is a life coach with Get Rich Inside. I have known Richard for a good 15 years and i strongly recommend his services! - After 3 sessions i have already felt a connection with my hidden inner potential , and i have started to enquire about what means most to me.

    Lee Bumbulis Avatar Lee Bumbulis
    June 5, 2019

Four foundations of an empowered life


Come to see and understand what’s most important to you, and why, and choose the direction of your life accordingly. 


Discover how surprisingly simple it is to have a better relationship with most people while making it great with those closest


Unlock your hidden potential by understanding who you are through the needs that are driving your behaviours


Gain clarity on what stops you from moving in the direction you wish to go and learn how to break through those barriers

While our challenges often seem complex and insurmountable, the foundation of most challenges are simple and can thus be transcended with relatively straightforward strategies and actions. You already have the answers, I just help you step into your power and find them within yourself… 

1:1 Coaching

How do coaching conversations take place?

I work one on one with my clients online via Zoom / Google Meet or WhatsApp.

How long are the sessions?

Sessions typically last 60 minutes but can on occasion extend slightly past that if we are still busy with a process or at a pivotal point that requires more time to round off an insight.

How many sessions will be needed to work through a specific area?

I recommend no less than 4 sessions to ensure lasting transformation and up to 8 sessions to go deeper while also learning the skills needed to take full control of your life.

What is neurodiversity?

From Wikipedia: “The term neurodiversity refers to variation in the human brain regarding sociability, learning, attention, mood and other mental functions. It was coined in 1998 by Australian sociologist Judy Singer, who helped popularize the concept along with American journalist Harvey Blume. It emerged as a challenge to prevailing views that certain neurodevelopmental disorders are inherently pathological and instead adopts the social model of disability, in which societal barriers are the main contributing factor that disables people.

Neurodiversity advocates point out that neurodiverse people often have exceptional abilities alongside their weaknesses. For example, a person with ADHD may hyperfocus on some tasks while struggling to focus on others, or an autistic person may have exceptional memory or even savant skills. In light of these facts, advocates argue for recognition of strengths as well as weaknesses in neurodiverse people, and that a variety of neurological conditions that are currently classified as disorders are better regarded as differences. This view is especially popular within the autism rights movement.”

Do I only work with neurodiverse individuals?

Not at all. The nature of my training is based in human needs psychology which makes my skill set almost universal in the area of personal development. This means that anyone over the age 12 and from all walks of life can benefit from working with me.

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