Having experienced the desire for more for myself on many occasions in my life, I’ve consistently been brought to the realization that it was merely a product of not fully appreciating what I already have.

Having things be the way we don’t actually want them, provides an opportunity to expand our appreciation beyond the limits of our narrow expectations and thus allows us to more fully benefit from the gifts already present.

There is no wasted experience, no lack, no imperfection, there just “is”. It’s our appreciation of something alone that allows us to realize it’s value and significance.

What we don’t value, fails to exist for us. Things of great value are often lost in this simple way of not having appreciation for them. Fortunately, by merely bringing our attention to what we already have, appreciation is turned on and our experience is transformed instantaneously by life’s treasures that are revealed to be all around us, all the time.

The true value of something doesn’t just lie in how good it makes us feel but in how much it helps us learn and grow. When we appreciate even the painful experiences in life, we are gifted with an understanding that enables us to unlock the shackles that bind us to suffering.

So, it’s not what you have or how much you have but how much you appreciate what you have that will determine the experience of wealth you have in life. In the end, it’s not the things you want, it’s how you think they’ll make you feel, and feelings don’t cost a cent.

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