When you keep looking at whats wrong, you’ll never see what’s right.

If you look objectively at your experiences in your life, you’ll come to see that whatever injustices you suffered, whatever pain you had to endure, in between those experiences life or God or the universe, whatever your belief, gave you the answer, gave you what you needed to be set on a better path.

If you still suffer, it’s partly because you hold on to that which you perceive as having harmed you. It’s not so much because of what happened to us that we suffer, it’s because of what we consistently choose to focus on in the present. The past exists only as a memory.

Focus too much on the past and you will experience pain, focus too much on the future and you will experience anxiety and worry, focus on the present and you can be free to feel, think and do whatever you choose.

And if you take time daily to be grateful for what you already have and shine that light of gratitude on your past, you may come to find that you’ve always had what you needed. You will also teach your body to create the emotions of wellbeing and contentment. What we experience most consistently is what practice experiencing most consistently.


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