What is your purpose?

A question for which the answer seems elusive for many people. Yet, you look to nature and there’s no hesitancy, there’s just a seemless flow of action which gets a very specific result.

Humans do not have it this simple because our range of options are limited only by what we can imagine but once we decide, the requirement is no different to the bee’s focused and relentless activity. Decision + action = outcome.

Your purpose is to decide. So the real question is: what is the outcome you desire, what is the result you want? Having purpose is deciding on a goal and acting on it.

Does there have to be a goal?

Well, your fundamental purpose is to live and that’s why you’re here but without adding the possibility for progress or growth there’ll be no “sense” of purpose and this does require just a little vision or at least a chosen destination.

Once a decision is made everything becomes simple, not necessarily easy, but simple. Simplicity provides clarity and clarity is power, the power to define a path to your outcome. The power to define your purpose.

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