Imagine getting a free seat at a new movie you haven’t seen, every single day. Well, in a way we do, it’s called life.

We sometimes come at the constant newness of life with a sense of dread when there are always several distinct options available, another being excitement!

The same can be said for the things we apprehensively imagine will be the same as yesterday when it’s really only our anticipation that makes it so.

Everything new is a new opportunity to learn and grow and get some spice, some variety in our experiences. It’s what keeps life interesting and fulfilling. Newness is unfolding in every moment.

Our super power in this existence is our innate ability to adapt, which allows us to gain some level of control over a great deal of things we at first have no control over. This is how we make the unpredictable, predictable.

Do you like the newness of things more or do you prefer whats already known?

Whichever it is, one thing is certain, the degree to which you can be comfortable with the unknown will determine the quality of your experiences.

The “new” requires us to be attentive, engaged and alive and the paradox is that the more you engage these states, the more you are filled with and electrified by their magic.

You always have a choice and whats possible when you have a choice? Anything you choose. Even if you choose not to choose.


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